December 5, 2020

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

It’s a never-ending battle: the joy of getting an iPhone and the frustration of figuring out how to transfer music from iPhone to PC. The problem is easy to define, as iTunes is the premier program to use for loading music, videos, games and other files to your device as it can be done efficiently with relative ease. Yet, if you one day purchase a new computer or load a new iPhone on your computer, you run the risk of losing all your data files, basically throwing money away if you don’t know how to transfer from iPhone to PC. While iTunes is a leader in the world of music, videos and countless applications, its ability to transfer data files leaves a lot to be desired.

Reinstalling iTunes on a new PC may solve the issue, but that is not a risk many are willing to take because if your device is not recognized by iTunes, there is a chance you may lose all the data files on your iPhone. For this very reason, you need to know how to transfer from iPhone to computer, since that is the only way to ensure that all your music, videos and other files are not deleted from your device. You will need a program that is especially designed to handle this task. Media Widget fits this bill perfectly.

Media Widget is a software program that answers the question of how to transfer music from iPhone to computer by moving all your data files, including music, videos and playlists, from your iPhone easily and seamlessly. This software also gives you the flexibility to transfer your files from your device, to your computer and then can be imported into iTunes in a minimal number of simple steps. This can be accomplished through either a wizard set-up or by a traditional, manual upload. The Transfer Wizard, when launched, will move all of your data, such as music, playlists, podcasts, photos, and videos, to the location you designate. As an added bonus, it creates a back-up list when it saves your data.

Maybe you are looking to create a duplication of your iPhone files to be saved on your PC or you want to copy select files from your computer and import those items to your iPhone without the use of iTunes.  Media Widget is the tool for this job too as it has the ability to rip and copy your data files and save them to your PC.

To begin using this innovative program, install the Media Widget software on your computer, which typically takes roughly 15-20 seconds.  Next, run the software while connecting your device to your computer at the same time.  Make sure that your device is detected on your computer so you may proceed with the transfer. Next, select the Transfer Wizard. After choosing the files you would like to copy, you will be prompted to select where you would like to import your data.  As previously mentioned, if you prefer not to use the Transfer Wizard, you can manually choose the data you would like to copy and select where you want to import the data.

If you utilize all the tools available through Media Widget, your  iPhone data management will be exponentially easier.  Are you ready for the Media Widget experience?