October 20, 2020

Copy/Transfer from iPod or iPhone to Computer

The year 2001 served as more than the official dawn of a new millennium as it was also the year that portable music was revolutionized by the release of iTunes and the first iPod. Since that time, both the iPod and iTunes have undergone various metamorphoses, with one constant remaining: the trying and frustrating issue of copying and transferring files from an iPod to a computer.

If you own only one device, then transferring and copying files is not a huge issue for you.  But, if own multiple devices, such as iPod and an iPhone, you have undoubtedly encountered the issue of being unable to sync multiple devices to more than one computer.  Attempting to do so can easily erase all the files loaded on your device

The software program, Media Widget, has given iPod users a reason to rejoice by providing an easy, efficient and effective transfer process. Using this software will allow you to easily copy your videos, music and pictures to your computer from your iPod or iPhone.  You will also be able to quickly transfer playlists between iTunes accounts, import various media files directly to iTunes, and copy files from your iPod or iPhone to any location on your computer.

Media Widget also allows an individual to transfer any type of file, including music, videos, artwork, playlists and pictures, from their device, whether it be an iPod Shuffle or an iPod Touch, to their computer. These files can be imported into your iTunes library or to another device, including an iPhone. This process will also help you with a multi-data transfer from Ipod to computer, to transfer files from Iphone to computer, and transfer music from Iphone to computer.

To use, first, install the Media Widget software on your computer.  This installation process is easy and typically only takes about 15 seconds.  Once installation has been completed, run the software on your computer while simultaneously connecting your device to your computer.  Make sure that your device is detected on your computer so you may proceed with the transfer. Next, select the iPod Transfer Wizard and you will be presented with the option to select files. After choosing the files you would like to copy, you will be prompted to select where you would like to import your data, such as to your iTunes library. If you prefer not to use the Transfer Wizard, you can manually choose the data you would like to copy and select where you want to import that information.

After you complete these two easy steps, you will have successfully completed the process to copy iPod to computer and created a duplicate file of all your data thanks to the Media Widget software.