October 20, 2020

iPod To Computer Transfer Tutorial

One of the most daunting tasks of an iPod owner is to transfer music from iPod to computer. The reason behind this is because of the copyright laws set by Apple, which everyone unknowingly agrees to upon installing iTunes: Apple limits your availability on moving your music to multiple devices. Now all you iPod fans need not worry any more, as there is a solution to this problem. In fact, there are a lot of ways with which you can transfer content from iPod to computer. Read on to know more.

How To Transfer From iPod Playlists To computer/ iTunes

A quick research online will help you find numerous iPod transfer utilities. These are easy to install and use software which helps you to manage the content of your iPod with ease. You just have to download the software and install it with the help of the user friendly setup wizard. After the installation is done, all you have to do is connect your iPod and start managing your iPod content through the interface of the software. Usually the interface is similar to the iTunes interface, but provides you with a wider range of services. Now let us look at some of the benefits of iPod transfer utility:

•    You can transfer content to and fro from the iPod to computer and vice-versa.

•    Every type of iPod content can be managed through this software like music, video, audio e-book, photos, etc.

•    Usually the software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000 and Windows 98 operating systems.

•    You can connect any number of iPod devices and transfer the content. It does not limit the services by registering or authorizing a specific iPod. This gives you the freedom to share music and videos with friends.

•    It supports all models of iPod like iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and also iPad.

•    You can take the backup of your iPod content and secure your precious playlist.

•    If you want to play music on your computer from your iPod, you can do that with the help of the software. It helps you to access the playlist on the iPod directly without having to first download it on the computer.

One of the most popular iPod transfer utilities is the MediaWidget. It makes sharing iPod content much easier. You are free to create a backup and secure all your iPod content which includes music, videos, audio e-books, podcasts, photos, etc. The best part is you get a free trial first. You can first check it out, then if you are happy with the features, you may choose to go ahead and buy it. Check out the MediaWidget Review here.

Avoid Losing All Your Song Files: Upload Songs from iPod to Computer

Today’s iPods can contain upwards of 32 gigs of data. That’s a whole heck of a lot of albums, and the biggest nightmare of any true music fan is losing all of those files and having to start over again from scratch. This is why it is always a good idea to back up your music files on your computer in the unspeakable event that your iPod gets lost, broken, or stolen. Unfortunately, Apple has always made it difficult to upload songs from iPod to computer because of the possibility of pirated data. But this makes it difficult for us honest song buyers to save our music and we shouldn’t have to suffer just because of a few bad apples (no pun intended). But there are ways to transfer your iPod files to your computer, especially now that Apple has responded to complaints and lifted their iron grip a bit. We’ll show you how to save your music files on your computer just in case the unspeakable happens to you.

Option 1: Folders

If you look in the Advanced Settings section in the Folders Option tab, you’ll see a list of hidden files that you can click on. Once you do this, plug your iPod into a USB drive. Now you’ll see a folder with all of your precious, precious music. From here you can copy the music all onto one single folder and then open iTunes. Here you will be able to add the folder to the library by clicking on File and then selecting the “add folder to library” option.

Option 2: Use Software

There are many great programs that can do the job of transferring your iPod files to your computer while you sit back and relax. This is often a good option because it keeps you from accidentally destroying your files when you copy them manually. The best part is that these programs can allow you to transfer your files to friends’ computers as well, if you so choose. Media widget is a great third party program that makes the transfer from iPod to computer quick and easy. Cucusoft is another dependable company that can take out a lot of the guesswork of transferring music.

Words of Warning

Remember that it is illegal to download music that you don’t own a tangible copy of. Now, the odds are good that you’re never going to get your door busted down by the feds for simply downloading a Lenny Kravitz song for free. But even if there’s no legal risk, it is wrong to steal anything that isn’t yours. But enough preaching: A more important warning is this: Be careful with your files. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re copying your music files and making folders, simply leave the job to a third party program. You can seriously damage your PC when you mess around with folders and files, especially hidden ones. If you don’t trust your PC skills, don’t manually transfer your music.

Download MediaWidget here

How to Transfer Music From Ipod to Computer

Learning how to transfer music from Ipod to computer in most cases can not be done. Itunes does not let users transfer music from Ipod to computer because they do not want others getting free music. This is understandable but at the same time very frustrating because all of us have multiple computers and if our old computer crashes and it has all your music on it you may be up the creek to put it nicely.

There is a way to transfer music from Ipod to computer but you need to use specialized software that can transfer the music on your ipod to the computer. To do this you need to use  “, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>Media Widget. Check out the Copy Ipod to PC for a quick video I setup showing you exactly how easy this software program is to use. It’s the one sure way to transfer over all your music and videos over to your computer instantly.

This kind of software can be abused and let users share music with others. I’m not sure I would call this abuse but I’m sure lawyers from Apple would disagree. While they will have no way of knowing what you have done I would recommend you stay honest and not use this to copy all your friends music. While this software can do just that, it is not intended for this purpose.

I have used “, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>Media Widget dozens of times over the last year, mostly because my Itunes library has a habit of getting wiped out.
“, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>» download your copy of Media Widget Here and take back your music.