September 28, 2020

How to Transfer Music From Ipod to Computer

Learning how to transfer music from Ipod to computer in most cases can not be done. Itunes does not let users transfer music from Ipod to computer because they do not want others getting free music. This is understandable but at the same time very frustrating because all of us have multiple computers and if our old computer crashes and it has all your music on it you may be up the creek to put it nicely.

There is a way to transfer music from Ipod to computer but you need to use specialized software that can transfer the music on your ipod to the computer. To do this you need to use  “, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>Media Widget. Check out the Copy Ipod to PC for a quick video I setup showing you exactly how easy this software program is to use. It’s the one sure way to transfer over all your music and videos over to your computer instantly.

This kind of software can be abused and let users share music with others. I’m not sure I would call this abuse but I’m sure lawyers from Apple would disagree. While they will have no way of knowing what you have done I would recommend you stay honest and not use this to copy all your friends music. While this software can do just that, it is not intended for this purpose.

I have used “, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>Media Widget dozens of times over the last year, mostly because my Itunes library has a habit of getting wiped out.
“, SiteTracker::get()->GetCookie(“trkcopyipod”)); ?>» download your copy of Media Widget Here and take back your music.