October 20, 2020

MediaWidget Review

MediaWidget also known with a space in the name as Media Widget is an Ipod transfer software program.

With MediaWidget a user can transfer music and videos from their Ipod or Iphone and place them on their computer, into Itunes or onto another Ipod or Iphone. Ipods and Iphones can only be synced to one computer at a time, no exceptions. So if you want to connect your Iphone or Ipod to another computer you own it will want to wipe out all your music and videos. This is were MediaWidget shines. It’s one of the simplest to use Ipod to computer data transfer programs out there and will work for you.

How MediaWidget works:

Step 1. You connect your iphone or Ipod to your computer while Media Widget is running. It will detect the device you connected.
Step 2. Click the Ipod Transfer Wizard button and select the files you want to copy from your Iphone or Ipod and tell the wizard if you want to copy that data directly into Itunes or to another location on your Hard drive. You also have the option of just manually selecting what files you want to transfer over and were you want them transferred to.

That is it. 2 steps to save all your music and videos. If you have not already go to the home page were we have setup a quick video demo so you can see this program in action.

As you can tell from this Mediawidget Review, we like this software and recommend you give it a try to copy your data from a Ipone or Ipod to a computer.

Download MediaWidget Here

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