September 28, 2020

Use MediaWidget to Copy from IPod to Computer

ITunes does not provide the possibility of transferring music from your iPod to the computer. More than that, if you try to install it on the new operating system, it can delete the music you saved on your iPod. Therefore, you will have to use other programs in order to copy from iPod to computer the music files.

MediaWidget is a useful application that can be of a great help to copy not only music, but also photos, podcasts and videos to the PC. The copying takes place in a few minutes and it ends without you losing any data. When you copy from iPod to computer with MediaWidget, you can move all the files in an organized way, as you have the option of choosing the files where you want the data to be copied.

MediaWidget is a Bootstrap Development application that works for a multitude of models for both iPods and iPhones and it also works for making transfers from the iPod back to iTunes. The wizard is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 and provides updates for one year since the moment it was first installed. Also, the users of the wizard are provided with free technical support whenever this is needed. The application is user friendly and receives the best ratings from customers due to its ability to transfer the files quickly and without damaging them.

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