December 5, 2020

Quickly Transfer Music to iPhone from iPod and Vice Versa

Are you looking for a very simple and fast tool that allows you to move music from your iPhone to your iPod or the other direction? If you have become frustrated with the process and limits of iTunes, it is time to embrace something new. Media Widget is the tool for the job and one that you will find is very simple to use.

Anyone can do it

If you are able to successfully click around the internet with ease, then Media Widget will be no problem for you to use at all. It is very detailed in what it offers, but at the same time, the overall set up is very simplified. If you have had problems with various forms of software before, this time it will be a breeze.

Enhance your iPhone Abilities

One of the reasons you purchased an iPhone was to be able to do a variety of things with it. The fact that you can easily convert information back and forth, as well as your music, makes it so powerful. With Media Widget, the entire process is hassle free, so you can just enjoy your music wherever you are.

Use your iPhone to Back up your Music

Many people use their iPhone to be able to back up the music they have on their iPod. Should they lose their music, they will easily be able to access it again. The entire process won’t be copied though, only what is on the iPhone that is missing, so  it is very quick. The same is true when you are taking music from your iPod and placing it on your iPhone. This is an advantage over working with iTunes, where it will have to sync everything again that you want on your iPod. » Download Your Copy of Media Widget Here

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