December 5, 2020

IPod to Computer Transfer Tutorial

iPod to Computer Transfer Tutorial
The ability to transfer songs on your iPod to a new PC is important. The last thing you want is to have to buy all of that music again. Apple doesn’t offer an iPod to computer transfer, they offer only a one way element of music going on the PC to the iPod.
Some people don’t know this and when they sync the empty iTunes library it wipes out everything on their iPod. There are now tools out there that make it possible to take music on your iPod and place it onto your computer. One that is very well laid out is Media Widget.

Avoid Complicated Solutions
If you’ve tried and failed before at transferring your music library, then you know the step by step process of trying to bypass the stops to move files is complex. The instructions are very difficult to follow and for the less tech advanced user, so it can be a headache. There is just too much at risk if you have lots of music on your iPod that you have paid for. Use an iPod to computer transfer tool to eliminate the risk of losing the data.

Media Widget
With Media Widget you have the ability to get it all down with just a few minutes of your time invested.
1.    Plug in device. Program searches, finds and automatically identifies the device.
2.    Manually choose files you want to transfer or click iPod Transfer Wizard.
3.    Wizard Shows All Options for Importing. Select “Directly Back into iTunes. Includes music, podcasts, album art and more. Click “next”.
4.    You may also select where the files go at this point. (Ex: To make a backup and place in specific folder)
5.    Hit “Next” to import. And Finish.

If you don’t already have Media Widget you may wish to try out their free trial. Then you can see all it offers before you commit to paying for it. Make sure when you connect your iPod to your PC that you shut down iTunes as it will automatically load. Then you can run the program to successfully transfer songs on your iPod to PC.
Media Widget is a great tool to help you to transfer, backup and save all your iTunes Library. » Download Your Copy of Media Widget Here

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