September 28, 2020

How to transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

The iPod is used extensively today by millions of users worldwide to listen to and manage their music. Newer models of the iPod also allow storage and handling of other media such as videos, podcasts and images. This has made the iPod one of the most powerful entertainment tools of today.

iTunes is a complimentary software application that allows PCs to synchronize with the iPod. It also helps users to manage their music purchases and downloads, as well as the management of playlists to be played on the iPod. Although it is possible to synchronize the iPod with an installation of iTunes, this is a one-way synchronization only.

This is due to DRM policies introduced by Apple to prevent users from sharing music with each other. Although this is a measure taken by Apple to protect the rights of the artist who created the music, it is found to be annoying by many uses as they have no idea how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes. In such cases as when a user needs to migrate their music to another computer or to reinstall iTunes, they would want to use their iPod to store their music in and to reload it into iTunes once they have reinstalled it. However, there is no way to transfer music from iPod to iTunes that is available out of the box.

MediaWidget is a software application which allows users to transfer music from their iPods to their installations of iTunes. Once you have connected the iPod to the computer running iTunes via USB, MediaWidget will check the media files contained on your iPod and allow you to transfer them to your installation of iTunes with all the media data intact. It will also allow the transfer of playlists, preferences and other media such as photos.

MediaWidget also allows the transfer of music between PCs and from a single iPod to multiple PCs. Handling an iPod and iTunes would have been much harder if not for the existence of MediaWidget. MediaWidget allows users to relax and stop worrying about the question of how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

Download MediaWidget Here and take it for a test drive.

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