September 28, 2020

How to transfer iPod to iTunes

The iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music. It is hard to find a person who hasn’t at some point owned an iPod and it is even harder to find someone who hasn’t heard of one. Ipod users tend to use handy software to handle their music tracks: iTunes.

With iTunes, it is possible to buy music online and to prepare it for transfer to the iPod. Synchronization of your iTunes playlist with your iPod’s media can also be done quickly and easily. It is also an efficient and well-balanced media player which can be used to listen to music or watch movies on a Personal Computer as well as on a Mac.

However, there is no way to transfer music from your iPod to your installation of iTunes once it has been organized on your iPod. This little security measure has been introduced by Apple to prevent users from sharing music with each other. While it is a noble enterprise to protect the rights of musicians, most users get stumped if they reinstall iTunes on their computer or if they are migrating to another computer when they find that they cannot use their iPod as a handy gadget to transfer their music to the new installation of iTunes. They are left in a state of frustration as they have no idea how to transfer iPod to iTunes. As there is no manual way, you could make use of a useful little software tool that has been designed for this purpose: MediaWidget.

MediaWidget will check the media files contained on your iPod and allow you to transfer them to your installation of iTunes with all the media data intact. It will also allow the transfer of playlists, preferences and other media such as photos. MediaWidget also allows the transfer of music between PCs and from a single iPod to multiple PCs.

MediaWidget also allows you to filter and search for specific content to move from your iPod to your computer. In simple terms, once you have connected your iPod to your computer via USB, MediaWidget allows you to manage your iPod media library in a way that was never previously thought to be possible. In effect, MediaWidget answers the annoying question of how to transfer iPod to iTunes.

If you need to copy your music from your Iphone or Ipad into itunes or onto a new computer we recommend you use MediaWidget.

Download MediaWidget Here

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