September 28, 2020

Backup Music From iPod to PC

Our music library is very important to us and losing it is very unpleasant. If you’re using iPod or iPhone as a music player, you’ve surely got a pretty impressive music collection on iTunes. The problem is that iTunes copy protection can be faulty. For example, if you’ve reinstalled the operating system on your computer you’ll be unable to back the music on the iPod to PC.

That can be a serious problem if you don’t have a back-up to the music collection on CDs or DVDs. Getting the music back to your computer will seem to be impossible, but that’s not necessarily true; with the new MediaWidget you can move all the music from Ipod to PC in a couple of minutes. The process is 100 percent safe and there are no modifications required on your iPod in order to make this work.

Download you free trial right now and see how well MediaWidget works to transfer your data onto your computer.

The software can be installed very quickly and just by clicking a few buttons you’ll import all the music on the iPod to PC, and much more, you can get your videos or pictures as well. The program is able to detect the firmware or your device automatically and this way you don’t have to make any settings manually, you’ll only need to select the folders in which you want to copy the library. You also have the option to save the music, the videos or the pictures in separate folders.

MediaWidget =Bootstrap Development is a very reliable solution when it comes to copying your music collection on the iPod to Pc or otherwise. The software is compatible with a wide range of iPod models but also with iPhones, including iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3.0. This application is designed for all the Windows users and it’s able to run on Windows 7 as well.

So, you have the tools to increase the safety of your private folders, containing music, photos or videos. Making a sort of backup of the files on your ipod on your computer is only up to you, but the best advice would probably be to do it right away, in order to avoid spending time on gathering the music all over again, in case something happens to your iPod or you accidentally erase it.

Download MediaWidget Here

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  1. Jeff Rose says:

    I have 2 ipods..each with over 13,000 songs. The new one was a gift from a friend. I have only connected my original ipod to my pc and am afraid to connect the new one as I’ve heard I will lose my new songs that were given as a gift. Can MediaWidget help? Thanks,

  2. Jacob Stephens says:

    Thanks for the question Jeff. The answer is yes. On the home page we show you a live example of how Media widget works and you can download the trial to test out the product yourself. I think it will only transfer over maybe ten songs in the trial.

    What not to do: After you hook up your Ipod. Itunes may auto start. If this happens then close Itunes. As long as you do not attempt to Sync Itunes with your Ipod you will be safe. From there use Media widget to pull all the information first from the Ipod. then go into Itunes and ensure your music is all there. Once you verified all your music is copied over to your computer you can wipe and sync the ipod device with your computer. I’m telling you I have used this program a few dozen times now. It’s a solid product that is simple to use and works.

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