October 20, 2020

How to Copy iPod Playlists to iTunes on Your Computer

Thanks to MediaWidget, now you can copy your iPod playlists to iTunes and vice versa. No more worrying about losing any of your iPod videos, photos, music, podcasts, ringtones, audio book and eBooks. With the backup created on your computer, you no longer risk losing any of your precious iPod content in unwanted iTune sync and deletion.

For all you iPod lovers it is time to celebrate as with the help of this iPod transfer utility, you can share music with friends seamlessly. You need not be anxious about losing your iTune content in case the hard disk of your computer crashes, or you get a new computer or laptop. Just follow a few quick installation steps and start the content transfer from iPod to computer.

With the help of the MediaWidget iPod transfer wizard, you can run the installation smoothly and quickly. The operating systems which are compatible are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. It also enables you to sync all the different iPod models like iPod, iPod Touch, iPad and also the iPhone.  In case you have any difficulty, you can take the assistance of the friendly support team who are present always to help you with your problem or query.

Transfer Music from iPod without iTunes

The interface of MediaWidget helps you to transfer music, videos, audiobooks, e-books, ratings, playlist, podcasts, etc. easily from the iPod to the computer. If you happen to lose the content of your hard disk, you can easily restore it from your iPod through the software. Just a click of the button and you got your iPod contents back. Unlike other products, it has got a very easy to navigate and user friendly interface. You get the quickest and easiest way to put back all your iPod content into your computer. Read on to know more about the striking features of this brilliant software.

•    Lets you play songs directly from the iPod. You do not have to copy the songs to your computer. With the help of the interface, you can play your favorite songs directly on your PC from the iPod.

•    You can connect any number of iPods to the software for content transfer. This helps you to share stuff with your friends easily.

•    Helps you create backup for all your iPod content without any hassle. With the help of the easy to use interface, you can create a backup quickly.

•    No longer fear losing content with iTune sync, as you have safely created a backup of all your content on the PC.

Transfer your iPod playlist to iTunes and worry no more about losing your most liked numbers.  With the help of this handy software, creating a backup becomes quick and easy. To check out the MediaWidget review, click here.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

It’s a never-ending battle: the joy of getting an iPhone and the frustration of figuring out how to transfer music from iPhone to PC. The problem is easy to define, as iTunes is the premier program to use for loading music, videos, games and other files to your device as it can be done efficiently with relative ease. Yet, if you one day purchase a new computer or load a new iPhone on your computer, you run the risk of losing all your data files, basically throwing money away if you don’t know how to transfer from iPhone to PC. While iTunes is a leader in the world of music, videos and countless applications, its ability to transfer data files leaves a lot to be desired.

Reinstalling iTunes on a new PC may solve the issue, but that is not a risk many are willing to take because if your device is not recognized by iTunes, there is a chance you may lose all the data files on your iPhone. For this very reason, you need to know how to transfer from iPhone to computer, since that is the only way to ensure that all your music, videos and other files are not deleted from your device. You will need a program that is especially designed to handle this task. Media Widget fits this bill perfectly.

Media Widget is a software program that answers the question of how to transfer music from iPhone to computer by moving all your data files, including music, videos and playlists, from your iPhone easily and seamlessly. This software also gives you the flexibility to transfer your files from your device, to your computer and then can be imported into iTunes in a minimal number of simple steps. This can be accomplished through either a wizard set-up or by a traditional, manual upload. The Transfer Wizard, when launched, will move all of your data, such as music, playlists, podcasts, photos, and videos, to the location you designate. As an added bonus, it creates a back-up list when it saves your data.

Maybe you are looking to create a duplication of your iPhone files to be saved on your PC or you want to copy select files from your computer and import those items to your iPhone without the use of iTunes.  Media Widget is the tool for this job too as it has the ability to rip and copy your data files and save them to your PC.

To begin using this innovative program, install the Media Widget software on your computer, which typically takes roughly 15-20 seconds.  Next, run the software while connecting your device to your computer at the same time.  Make sure that your device is detected on your computer so you may proceed with the transfer. Next, select the Transfer Wizard. After choosing the files you would like to copy, you will be prompted to select where you would like to import your data.  As previously mentioned, if you prefer not to use the Transfer Wizard, you can manually choose the data you would like to copy and select where you want to import the data.

If you utilize all the tools available through Media Widget, your  iPhone data management will be exponentially easier.  Are you ready for the Media Widget experience?

Copy/Transfer from iPod or iPhone to Computer

The year 2001 served as more than the official dawn of a new millennium as it was also the year that portable music was revolutionized by the release of iTunes and the first iPod. Since that time, both the iPod and iTunes have undergone various metamorphoses, with one constant remaining: the trying and frustrating issue of copying and transferring files from an iPod to a computer.

If you own only one device, then transferring and copying files is not a huge issue for you.  But, if own multiple devices, such as iPod and an iPhone, you have undoubtedly encountered the issue of being unable to sync multiple devices to more than one computer.  Attempting to do so can easily erase all the files loaded on your device

The software program, Media Widget, has given iPod users a reason to rejoice by providing an easy, efficient and effective transfer process. Using this software will allow you to easily copy your videos, music and pictures to your computer from your iPod or iPhone.  You will also be able to quickly transfer playlists between iTunes accounts, import various media files directly to iTunes, and copy files from your iPod or iPhone to any location on your computer.

Media Widget also allows an individual to transfer any type of file, including music, videos, artwork, playlists and pictures, from their device, whether it be an iPod Shuffle or an iPod Touch, to their computer. These files can be imported into your iTunes library or to another device, including an iPhone. This process will also help you with a multi-data transfer from Ipod to computer, to transfer files from Iphone to computer, and transfer music from Iphone to computer.

To use, first, install the Media Widget software on your computer.  This installation process is easy and typically only takes about 15 seconds.  Once installation has been completed, run the software on your computer while simultaneously connecting your device to your computer.  Make sure that your device is detected on your computer so you may proceed with the transfer. Next, select the iPod Transfer Wizard and you will be presented with the option to select files. After choosing the files you would like to copy, you will be prompted to select where you would like to import your data, such as to your iTunes library. If you prefer not to use the Transfer Wizard, you can manually choose the data you would like to copy and select where you want to import that information.

After you complete these two easy steps, you will have successfully completed the process to copy iPod to computer and created a duplicate file of all your data thanks to the Media Widget software.

Guide On How To Copy Your iPod To Your Computer Easily

Many people are obtaining iPods today for record low prices and some are getting them as hand me downs.  People do not even bother erasing their old music before reselling or giving their older iPods away.  A lot of people don’t have the slightest clue as to how to copy ipod to computer and vice versa.  The good news is there are many applications out that will help you perform many tasks with user friendly visuals.  This short essay will talk about these applications and some of the benefits to using them to transfer ipod to computer.

The absolute first step is to have an application that works with the iPod firmware.  Naturally iTunes is the default application to use in order to manage an iPod and its contents, however it is bloated and full of unnecessary features or lacking in others.  MediaWidget offers a great service, especially if you have numerous electronics to sync. Also, a lot of people do not actually buy music and other media, rather they prefer to share it with each other.  This cannot be achieved with the iPod default application because it has a store front bloat where they encourage users to buy music.  Instead of using the default application, more people are finding excellent results with other third party programs.  Which one you choose will depend on what kind of features needed for the lifestyle that your iPod leads.  For example, if the iPod is used for podcasts, then a copy ipod to computer program that caters to this feature would be favorable.

As mentioned, there are many applications on the market in order to transfer from ipod to computer, and it is worth noting that every one of them vary in extremes.  Some of these applications are not compatible with multiple operating systems and others come with a store front as well.  Another common feature in these 3rd party applications is an actual media player bloat.  A good thing to look out for are the programs that actually have to change the iPods firmware in order to enable features.  If this is the case then the iPod warranty becomes void.  Almost all of these programs do copy ipod to computer by syncing and they use the device driver that comes within the iTunes bundle.  What that means is iTunes has to be installed on the computer anyway!  A few positive things to regard here are the facts that these applications have endless features(more than the default program in most cases), support multiple versions of the iPod, and many come with a free 30 day trial. MediaWidget is a great product for a great price. To download MediaWidget, click here.

Quickly Transfer Music to iPhone from iPod and Vice Versa

Are you looking for a very simple and fast tool that allows you to move music from your iPhone to your iPod or the other direction? If you have become frustrated with the process and limits of iTunes, it is time to embrace something new. Media Widget is the tool for the job and one that you will find is very simple to use.

Anyone can do it

If you are able to successfully click around the internet with ease, then Media Widget will be no problem for you to use at all. It is very detailed in what it offers, but at the same time, the overall set up is very simplified. If you have had problems with various forms of software before, this time it will be a breeze.

Enhance your iPhone Abilities

One of the reasons you purchased an iPhone was to be able to do a variety of things with it. The fact that you can easily convert information back and forth, as well as your music, makes it so powerful. With Media Widget, the entire process is hassle free, so you can just enjoy your music wherever you are.

Use your iPhone to Back up your Music

Many people use their iPhone to be able to back up the music they have on their iPod. Should they lose their music, they will easily be able to access it again. The entire process won’t be copied though, only what is on the iPhone that is missing, so  it is very quick. The same is true when you are taking music from your iPod and placing it on your iPhone. This is an advantage over working with iTunes, where it will have to sync everything again that you want on your iPod. » Download Your Copy of Media Widget Here