December 5, 2020

Use MediaWidget to Copy from IPod to Computer

ITunes does not provide the possibility of transferring music from your iPod to the computer. More than that, if you try to install it on the new operating system, it can delete the music you saved on your iPod. Therefore, you will have to use other programs in order to copy from iPod to computer the music files.

MediaWidget is a useful application that can be of a great help to copy not only music, but also photos, podcasts and videos to the PC. The copying takes place in a few minutes and it ends without you losing any data. When you copy from iPod to computer with MediaWidget, you can move all the files in an organized way, as you have the option of choosing the files where you want the data to be copied.

MediaWidget is a Bootstrap Development application that works for a multitude of models for both iPods and iPhones and it also works for making transfers from the iPod back to iTunes. The wizard is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 and provides updates for one year since the moment it was first installed. Also, the users of the wizard are provided with free technical support whenever this is needed. The application is user friendly and receives the best ratings from customers due to its ability to transfer the files quickly and without damaging them.

How to transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

The iPod is used extensively today by millions of users worldwide to listen to and manage their music. Newer models of the iPod also allow storage and handling of other media such as videos, podcasts and images. This has made the iPod one of the most powerful entertainment tools of today.

iTunes is a complimentary software application that allows PCs to synchronize with the iPod. It also helps users to manage their music purchases and downloads, as well as the management of playlists to be played on the iPod. Although it is possible to synchronize the iPod with an installation of iTunes, this is a one-way synchronization only.

This is due to DRM policies introduced by Apple to prevent users from sharing music with each other. Although this is a measure taken by Apple to protect the rights of the artist who created the music, it is found to be annoying by many uses as they have no idea how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes. In such cases as when a user needs to migrate their music to another computer or to reinstall iTunes, they would want to use their iPod to store their music in and to reload it into iTunes once they have reinstalled it. However, there is no way to transfer music from iPod to iTunes that is available out of the box.

MediaWidget is a software application which allows users to transfer music from their iPods to their installations of iTunes. Once you have connected the iPod to the computer running iTunes via USB, MediaWidget will check the media files contained on your iPod and allow you to transfer them to your installation of iTunes with all the media data intact. It will also allow the transfer of playlists, preferences and other media such as photos.

MediaWidget also allows the transfer of music between PCs and from a single iPod to multiple PCs. Handling an iPod and iTunes would have been much harder if not for the existence of MediaWidget. MediaWidget allows users to relax and stop worrying about the question of how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

Download MediaWidget Here and take it for a test drive.

How to transfer iPod to iTunes

The iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music. It is hard to find a person who hasn’t at some point owned an iPod and it is even harder to find someone who hasn’t heard of one. Ipod users tend to use handy software to handle their music tracks: iTunes.

With iTunes, it is possible to buy music online and to prepare it for transfer to the iPod. Synchronization of your iTunes playlist with your iPod’s media can also be done quickly and easily. It is also an efficient and well-balanced media player which can be used to listen to music or watch movies on a Personal Computer as well as on a Mac.

However, there is no way to transfer music from your iPod to your installation of iTunes once it has been organized on your iPod. This little security measure has been introduced by Apple to prevent users from sharing music with each other. While it is a noble enterprise to protect the rights of musicians, most users get stumped if they reinstall iTunes on their computer or if they are migrating to another computer when they find that they cannot use their iPod as a handy gadget to transfer their music to the new installation of iTunes. They are left in a state of frustration as they have no idea how to transfer iPod to iTunes. As there is no manual way, you could make use of a useful little software tool that has been designed for this purpose: MediaWidget.

MediaWidget will check the media files contained on your iPod and allow you to transfer them to your installation of iTunes with all the media data intact. It will also allow the transfer of playlists, preferences and other media such as photos. MediaWidget also allows the transfer of music between PCs and from a single iPod to multiple PCs.

MediaWidget also allows you to filter and search for specific content to move from your iPod to your computer. In simple terms, once you have connected your iPod to your computer via USB, MediaWidget allows you to manage your iPod media library in a way that was never previously thought to be possible. In effect, MediaWidget answers the annoying question of how to transfer iPod to iTunes.

If you need to copy your music from your Iphone or Ipad into itunes or onto a new computer we recommend you use MediaWidget.

Download MediaWidget Here

Backup Ipod to Pc

All the iPod and iPhone users should know that a backup of their iTunes music on their computer is recommended. Loosing your entire music collection can be painful and getting it back might turn out to be an extremely hard process. You can use your computer to store a backup of your iPod, and that’s a great thing to do since you might lose your iPod, or you might crash it, and that doesn’t have to mean losing all your iTunes music as well.

Also, if your computer crashes and you need to reinstall the operating system, you’ll have problems trying to backup iPod to pc because of the copy protection Apple is known for. Still, the backup can be done using the MediaWidget, the perfect solution when it comes to copying data from iPod to PC or from PC to iPod or iTunes. This software offers a way out for all those who are trying to get the music from the iPod or iPhone back on their computers.

MediaWidget allows you to backup iPod to PC, even if you’ve changed your computer recently. You’ll also be able to make an additional backup on your other computer, notebook and so on. More than this, the interface of the program is very simple and easy to use by anyone, with a few clicks you’ll backup iPod to pc just the way you want, you can transfer the music, the videos and the pictures to separate folders on your computer. The operation can be performed in the other way as well, you can put your music back on the iPod in a similar way, so, if you’ve lost your iPod you can buy a new one and transfer the music from your computer back to the iPod and back to iTunes as well.

So everyone should consider this backup iPod to pc set of actions as a guarantee that their audio files won’t get lost easily. The procedure is quite simple and available to everybody, so there will not be any problems if you have a basic level of information about both iPods and computers and you use the right application.

Get started right now with the free Media Widget trial and transfer all your data from your Ipod or Iphone onto your computer.

Download MediaWidget Here

Backup Music From iPod to PC

Our music library is very important to us and losing it is very unpleasant. If you’re using iPod or iPhone as a music player, you’ve surely got a pretty impressive music collection on iTunes. The problem is that iTunes copy protection can be faulty. For example, if you’ve reinstalled the operating system on your computer you’ll be unable to back the music on the iPod to PC.

That can be a serious problem if you don’t have a back-up to the music collection on CDs or DVDs. Getting the music back to your computer will seem to be impossible, but that’s not necessarily true; with the new MediaWidget you can move all the music from Ipod to PC in a couple of minutes. The process is 100 percent safe and there are no modifications required on your iPod in order to make this work.

Download you free trial right now and see how well MediaWidget works to transfer your data onto your computer.

The software can be installed very quickly and just by clicking a few buttons you’ll import all the music on the iPod to PC, and much more, you can get your videos or pictures as well. The program is able to detect the firmware or your device automatically and this way you don’t have to make any settings manually, you’ll only need to select the folders in which you want to copy the library. You also have the option to save the music, the videos or the pictures in separate folders.

MediaWidget =Bootstrap Development is a very reliable solution when it comes to copying your music collection on the iPod to Pc or otherwise. The software is compatible with a wide range of iPod models but also with iPhones, including iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3.0. This application is designed for all the Windows users and it’s able to run on Windows 7 as well.

So, you have the tools to increase the safety of your private folders, containing music, photos or videos. Making a sort of backup of the files on your ipod on your computer is only up to you, but the best advice would probably be to do it right away, in order to avoid spending time on gathering the music all over again, in case something happens to your iPod or you accidentally erase it.

Download MediaWidget Here

Copy Ipod to Computer

One thing Apple is well known for is keeping a very tight control over how you use the content you purchased from them or elsewhere.

There are hundreds of reasons why you may need to copy your Ipod Music, Movies, Files, Pictures onto your computer.  The biggest one is if you get a new computer or your PC crashed.

Thankfully we have the perfect software for you to use.  It’s very easy to use.  Simple to install and WORKS to copy your Ipod music, movies and pictures over to a new computer or direct into Itunes.  You never have to worry about this problem again.

» download your copy of Media Widget Here and take back your music.