December 5, 2020

Copy Ipod to Computer

Itunes won't let you but Media Widget will

1. Download the Media Widget Software Here

2. Install it (takes about 15 seconds)

3. Connect Your Ipod or Iphone

4. Transfer over all your music, palylists, artwork, pictures and video to your computer or directly into Itunes.

It really is that simple to transfer your Ipod and Iphone over to another computer.

Itunes is well known for not letting users do this but now you don't have to loose all that music you already have on your Ipod or Iphone. Just watch the video above to see how easy the program is to use and why you should use Media Widget. Download your free trial here


Here are the top features of Media Widget:

  • Easily copy over your video, music and pictures to your computer
  • Transfer playlists back to iTunes
  • Copy data direct into Itunes
  • Copy your Ipod or Iphone to any folder on your computer
  • Very easy to use
  • Support all iPod and iPhone devices

Media Widget Download

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